Photo (c) Maryna Manchenko Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, periculis accusamus sea te, reque vivendo an his. Pri in erat laoreet. His quod accusata ea. Mea tale utinam ut. Hinc … Continue Reading →

The aftermath of the earthquake

Everybody, especially those who are interested in visiting Nepal, ask us about the possibilitie for tourism now, after the earthquakes. Here are some facts about the current state of tourism in … Continue Reading →

Why Cambodia?

Maryna: “My trip to Cambodia was one of the brightest moments of my whole time in Southeast Asia. Some people dream about seeing Eiffel tower, some – about Taj Majal. … Continue Reading →

Why Thailand?

Maryna: “Thailand was the real milestone in my life. It’s the country where I felt happy, relaxed, sad and really, trully free (probably for the first time in my life). It gave … Continue Reading →

Why Nepal?

Photo (c) Andrea Pregel (KathmanDiario) Laura: “This small little country despite having borders with China and India and moreover, despite all the trouble it went through in recent history, was … Continue Reading →