Balaram Gaire

balaram1My name is Balaram Gaire, I am 28 years old. Currently I’m living in Palermo, but I was born in the small village in western Nepal. I grew up around beautiful nature and mountains, playing with animals. After school I moved to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, to study in the university and spent there 6 years, busy with student life and working with different social organizations. Since childhood I was dreaming about travelling, helping people, making friends and discovering new cultures. This dream came true when I came to Italy for 10 months for the EVS (European voluntary service) project. Words cannot express how happy and excited I was at that moment! There I had a chance to discover it’s culture, meet new peoples and visit new places. I worked in social centres in Palermo, helping homeless people, people with migrant background and their children. I was so happy I didn’t notice how time passed and it was already time to go back home. Saying goodbyes is always difficult, and the thought came into my mind – maybe, now it’s my turn to help others to discover my country and all Asia? After a year of work we took our first group from Palermo to Nepal in April 2013. It was great experience for all of us, and it gave me a new vision of my future. Now I’m back in Palermo – finishing my master’s degree and working on Saathi. It’s our way to share our experience and to connect Europe and Asia.

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