Why Cambodia?

Angkor Wat Cambodia


“My trip to Cambodia was one of the brightest moments of my whole time in Southeast Asia.

Some people dream about seeing Eiffel tower, some – about Taj Majal. Since my student years I was dreaming about Angkor Wat. And then decided that having dreams is cool, but having goals is even cooler. Especially when you live so close and your Thai visa is almost expired.

So I bought a ticket for a direct bus from Bangkok and after 8 hours me and my backpack were already enjoying light rain in beautiful Siem Reap.

Siem Reap is the second biggest city in Cambodia (after the capital, Phnom Penh). It’s name means “flat defeat of Siam”, which, in my opinion, is kinda ironic – these days Siam is called Thailand and it provides a constant flow of tourists into Cambodia.

What to do there? To walk around the city during the day, making occasional breaks in the shade of beautiful buildings in Old French Quarter, to shop in the nice small stolls of the Old Market, where you can find silks, jewelry, really good Cambodian coffee and my absolute favourites – Angkor Recycling accessories. They are making bags, wallets, clutches and tablet covers from recycled cement bags. In the evening it’s a good idea to visit Night Market and to try out fish massage – you can get 15 minutes massage and a complimentary bottle of water or beer just for 1 USD. Also – you will laugh. A LOT!


And the main reasong, why people are coming to Siem Reap – to visit Angkor Wat, the biggest tourist attraction of Cambodia and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The chill of the main temple, beautiful terraces, huge dragonflies, flying over the moat, sneaky monkeys, that were trying to steal at least something from the fruit cart, red clay, rain and heat… These moments will stay with me forever.

So that’s pretty much what we will do in Cambodia – enjoying the greatness of Angkor, French fleir of the city, refreshing coolness of fruit shakes and the beauty of Khmer smiles, because the people of Cambodia are simply incredible.

Trust me, this trip you will never forget!”

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