Laura Hopps

Laura-3My name is Laura Hopps, I am 28 and I’m from Palermo, Italy. During my life I lived in Dublin, Paris and Kathmandu working mainly with children in educational field. After my bachelor in psychology I decided to apply for an EVS project in Nepal, where I spent seven most amazing months in my whole life. During that time I have been teaching in primary, secondary and high school, where I had the chance to make many friends and, moreover, to get deeply in touch with Nepalese culture and life style. Thanks to all the great people I met during my stay in Nepal I was able to live my experience not just as a tourist and I felt at ease with all the environment since the very first moment I arrived in Kathmandu. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity – to see such a beautiful country and to meet all those special people during my path. That’s why I would love to share my travel experience, my contacts, my knowledge about Nepali culture and habits with all the people who don’t want to travel foreign countries just as simple tourists.

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  • Seyong says:

    This is so great ! I’ve just checked here this morning since I’ve been tring to put aside social networking in my life these days 🙂
    Hope disaster in Nepal would be recovered without more loss of lives.
    Take care Laura,

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