Maryna Manchenko

maryna 1My name is Maryna Manchenko, I’m 30 and I’m from Ukraine. Two years ago I was working myself to death and only dreaming about seeing the world. Life was calm and quiet predictable… until one day it wasn’t. I quit my job, bought an airplane ticket and went to live in Asia for 5 months. Some people may call it an overkill (and probably will be right), but I call it catching the dream. I was travelling, writing my blog Dragonfly’s Heart and meeting people from all around the world – from surfers from Australia to refugees from Myanmar. This trip completely changed my life and perspectives. After coming back home I wanted to focus on simple things. First – I wanted to travel, and not as a tourist. I wanted to understand local realities, people and other cultures, learn new languages and discover nice places only locals know about. Second – I wanted to make a difference. This is what brought me to Sicily – I applied for the EVS project and spend the most amazing year in Palermo, working in the local NGO and discovering Italian culture. And most importantly – here I met people who understood me and shared my love for non-traditional travelling. So here we are – an Italian, a Ukrainian and a Nepalese, three friends who invite you to travel together.

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