Who are we?

So what is“Saathi”? Everything is very simple. In Nepali “saathi” is “friends”.
To us three it means so  much more that just a pretty word. We are friends and we get each other. Our definition of happiness – is to travel in a circle of friends. So that’s what we are building during all of our adventures – a group of friends that have fun and see the world together.
We don’t plan trips for huge touristic groups and we don’t make check-lists of the sights that “everyone has to visit”. We plan them for our friends and enjoy our time together while exploring new cities, hiking in the mountains, meeting local people and learning from them or having nice dinners with the best views.
So lets all become saathi! The world is waiting for us!

And we should start by introdusing youself. Who is behind Saathi? Us, three friends who want to take you on trips, that are more than simple tourism. You can get to know us better just by click on the links under our photos.

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Maryna   //   Balaram   //   Laura

How it all started? All those plans to organise tours and to start with Nepal? Ironically – with these three cups of cappuccino on a nice sunny morning in Palermo. This is how we started conceptualising Saathi and our first moves. At that point we knew few things – that we all love Asia, we are a good fit together and are ambitious and motivated enough to make it work.
So here we are – after endless cups of coffee, working sessions all over the city and combining our knowledge and experience, ready to travel the world together. And each trip is going to be more than simple tourism.

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